1. Linda Houston Rice says:

    River, I love your posts. When I ponder the futures of my grandsons, I hope they can grow up in a world that has changed to be kinder and more loving than what it is today. We rational adults need to make it so.

  2. Priscilla_camara@hotmail.com says:

    I don’t think you are correct at all, and in fact if you read your own words carefully, you’re a good bit judgemental yourself. I have someone very close to me that is Lgbt, and in no way have I been disrespectful, unloving, or unkind to this person because I disagree with the causes and effects of being lgbt. I’m not sure if you have a child, but maybe this parallel may shed some light into how this thinking goes. You may love your child vehemently and still want all that is good in this world for that person, but also understand and believe that you may not agree with choices (rather they come from how the very intrinsicly feel about themselves and the world around them or how they think, about the world around them). Agreeing and loving DO NOT REQUIRE MUTUAL INCLUSIVITY. This rethoric is only shaming the other side, and does nothing in the name of love. This rethoric again revolves around how you feel about the issue and not truly EVERYONE as you claim. AGAIN I DO NOT EXPECT SOMEONE THAT LOVES ME TO AGREE WITH ME ON HOW I LIVE MY LIFE, ON HOW I EDUCATE MY CHILDREN AND ON WHAT I CHOOSE ON MIRIAD OF OTHER ISSUES. The same way you should not be shamed for making your choices as you see fit you also should not be shaming other peoplle for doing so with such superficial and hurtful words. This goes to show you DO NOT KNOW where a lot if people are coming from when they choose otherwise and that you quickly judged, dismissed and shamed them here on your blog. This framing of the issue in your blog is just a sad addition to a judgemental mindset, just on the other side of the argument.

  3. This is a beautiful post. I love the photographs. I love your introspection. I love your wisdom. Thank you so much.

    Priscilla: agree with what? Love isn’t a stance. It’s a feeling. It transcends agreement or disagreement. I’m sorry it’s so uncomfortable to be told that, but it’s true. You truly do love your gay friends less. You trust them less. You respect them less — and they know it. Sit with it. If you decide that love is more important to you than debate, then pray about how you might love better.

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